Italian Chic on a Levantine Bed

By its very nature, fashion is fleeting. Style, on the other hand, is timeless. Anyone with a sense of style can identify the right fashion and adapt to changing times. If we thought about which nation is most commonly identified with fashion, we would probably all say it is the Italians. The Italians’ warm temperament flows from their personalities into their work. They are a people who revere pleasure and the good life. Italian fashion and the Italian brands have always been the biggest leaders in the clothing market. Italian cars – Ferrari, Bugatti and the like – are the most exclusive and desirable cars. When it comes to furniture, it is the Italians who are the global trendsetters.

Italian furniture embodies a combination of many years of tradition and knowledge with modern and up-to-date production techniques. Quality Italian furniture tells an artistic, compelling and fascinating story that causes the observer to stop and think. To come up with associations of unclear origins. Italian furniture manufacturers do the work in all of the production stages themselves in order to achieve an uncompromising level of quality.

Design is an art, and as with any art, there are no rules, and “there’s no such thing as no such thing”. A design showroom isn’t just about aesthetics, it embodies a balance between aesthetics and functional needs. Italian design breathes life into furniture, and one might forget these are objects with functional purposes. Italian furniture manufacturers create furniture that comes from Italian tastes but is sought after around the world because of its beauty. Italian precision and aesthetics make Italian furniture the most beautiful and exclusive furniture in the world.

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